It’s worth mentioning that Cromology’s name comes Greek roots, and translates literally as “the science of colours”: which is pretty cool, given the group’s raison d’être.



The letter ‘o’, repeated 3 times, brings to mind the chromatic circle and this is at the heart of the brand identity; the logotype is built around circularity. The visual territory is mainly made of cold colors, shapes and blue shadings to enbody the brand’s style, premium nature and cutting-edge expertise.



A corporate supplier of high quality professional plaints, featuring brands like Tollens. We made a new name, logo and visual territory designed to make Cromology stand out as a brand of distinction.

My Role : Art Direction & Design
Agency : Royalties
Creative Direction : Olivier Bontemps
Art Direction & Design : Sebastien Faure-Llorens 
Brand Strategy : Laure-Anne Pachet